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“Star Viking”


5 Small Stars
Star Viking

This continues the story of Commander Creed.  If you haven’t read the previous two books in the series, then go back and do so.  I can’t remember Commander Creed’s first name but it doesn’t make any difference because that’s all he ever calls himself.  He also says his name on about every page of this book!  Any time he meets a new alien, they want to know who he is.  So, it’s “Commander Creed” and that explains everything.  Creed is one of a very few humans left in the galaxy but he is determined to ensure that humans are going to rebuild after the Lokars destroyed Earth.

Creed and his followers, those who survived the near total destruction of Earth, have just returned from a terribly costly battle with Abbadon and the Karg.  Commander Creed now has in his possession a very valuable and rare ancient relic.  The aliens view these relics as religious artifacts that definitely don’t belong in the hands of humans who they consider barely intelligent animals.

The first group to try and take the artifact away is the Starkiens, an race of intelligent (supposedly) baboons!  Starkiens are nomads who contract out to other races to fight or otherwise ensure deals and agreements are kept.  They want the artifact to give them some semblance of importance within the galactic community.

Of course, Commander Creed isn’t about to let them have it.  Nor is he going to let anyone else have this artifact.  Even though he has very little defensive capabilities since their recent fight left them pretty much wiped out equipment-wise, he uses what he has and that is his wits to convince the Starkiens to go away.

Now all he has to do is stop the Purple Tamika from coming and taking the artifact and they are much, much more powerful than the Starkiens.  So, Commander Creed and his bunch with the small assistance of the artifact, begin to raid other planets in order to gather starships and military supplies and equipment.  Their first raid (he calls his guys “Star Vikings” because they are like ancient Vikings raiding other villages) is highly successful and it is against the Purple Tamika which really makes them mad if they were capable of getting any madder at Commander Creed.

The rest of the book is all about Commander Creed being a brash and arrogant SOB to everyone.  That’s how he gets things done.  He carries a .44 cal pistol at his side and he doesn’t hesitate to use it no matter where he’s at.  How he manages to survive some of his exploits is beyond me.  It is really a wonder that none of the aliens he’s met so far haven’t vaporized him.

This is a good story although it can get a little tiring listening to, “…my name is Commander Creed.”, all the time!  I think it should be changed to Superman and leave it at that.  The book is well written with good editing.  I can see a possible continuation but I’m not sure how that would be written.

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