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“The Lost Destroyer”


5 Small Stars
The Lost Destroyer

This was a very good story. I’ve been following the exploits of Captain Maddox, Star Watch Intelligence, since the very first book. He’s a very strange character. In this book, I finally figured out who he reminds me of, and that is none other than, Sherlock Holmes! Yes, that is exactly how Captain Maddox strikes me in his conversations, especially with Sergeant Riker (Dr. Watson).

Captain Maddox is always trying to figure things out. He discusses his thoughts with Sgt. Riker the same way Sherlock Holmes did in his books even recognizing Sgt. Riker when he makes a unknowingly brilliant statement. I like the banter and I’m now used to Captain Maddox and his mannerisms. At first I was kind of put-off by his arrogance, but I’ve come to see it as part of his character and the reflection that he is part New Man. All New Men are arrogant or at least I get that idea from the authors writing about them.

This book is about saving Earth. There is something out there coming to Earth that is worse than the New Men. Captain Maddox and his crew aboard the Victory must get back to Earth before this new enemy attacks. Warning Earth might not be enough. As it stands, there is no way Earth can survive this new threat. Even if they do, Earth forces would be so decimated that any additional attacks by the New Men would certainly mean the end of Earth.

So, will Captain Maddox once again become a hero? What about this New Man that wants to become the King of all New Men. Will the Starship Victory ever become whole knowing that parts of it have been shut down throughout its six thousand year existence. If you have any liking for the old Sherlock Holmes mysteries, I think you’re going to really like Mr. Holmes in space.

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