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“World War R 2”


5 Small Stars

I read book 2 in this trilogy because the story is definitely interesting. The Shadowwalkers, et al Army Rangers, continue to struggle against the AI that has taken control of the worlds robots and turned them against humanity. While the Shadowwalkers were on a mission in Africa, the world, as they knew it, ended! The robots under the control of the self-aware AI had killed most all of humanity and were still in the process of hunting down and killing the small number of survivors.

Led by Staff Sergeant Logan Asher, the Shadowwalkers have found some of their families and have move all of them, plus a lot more survivors to a cave system prepped by “Cowboy” Stetson. They have been in this cave system for a while and are getting restless although everyone is enjoying the break from the previous constant fighting.

Then “Chief” Standing Bear returned from a scouting mission informing SSgt Asher of a problem. It seems that a group of survivors have secured themselves in an old gas station along the highway not far from the cave compound. Asher is torn between rescuing the survivors knowing that doing so might revel the area of their hideout to the AI and robot army. But, his Shadowwalkers are not content to just sit around all the time even if it is safe and secure. They’re anxious for some action.

Action is what they get when they do mount a rescue of the surrounded survivors. Yes, there’s a heavy contingent of robots of all kinds around the abandon gas station. These robots come in all shapes and sizes with most being very lethal. Most of these robots had been trained by the military to act in conjunction with the military during operations. Logan Asher and the Shadowwalkers had deployed their own supply of robots on many missions. It was just second nature to have robots fighting along with you; after all, they were expendable and humans were not!

Only this time, without robot support and fighting a large group of hostile robots, SSgt Asher thought he had bitten off more than he could chew! His unit were basically surrounded with no way out and more robot reinforcements were on the way.

Then something strange and unexpected happened. What could have been the end of the Shadowwalkers actually proved to be a new beginning. It led them to a hidden recluse named “the Progenitor” and from there to the Shadowwalkers building their own vast army. Could they now actually fight back at the AI in a meaningful way? Read the story to find out.

Book three is avaiable on Amazon under the catchy title of “World War R 3”.

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