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“World War R 3”


3 Small Stars
World War R 3

This book was kind of “OK”, not great, but just OK. The story is kind of ridiculous if you think about it for awhile. A singe US Army Ranger team survives an apocalypse now called the Advent. The Advent is when the human created AI decided that the greatest threat to his existence was the humans who created him/her. Yes, this AI some how became sentient without the humans who operated him knowing just when or how. Yet, he was already give control of the worlds military including all the countries outside the US. How that happened isn’t explained, but though the GAIN network the GAIN AI set all the worlds robots to attacking every living human. Billions were killed with others fleeing into the mountains or other off-the-grid locations away from an civilization.

Yet, here was this Ranger team coming back from a mission in Africa which would have had them off-the-grid while the destruction of the world was taking place. And of all the worlds military, only they survive! Lead by Sergeant Logan Asher, they slowly gathered what civilians they could find and attempted to fight back against the rogue AI. They really didn’t have much of a chance since all the other worlds military had already been defeated, but Sgt Asher was smart (even though at times he sounds like a dumb hick) and he managed to win a few skirmishes with the AI. Then he finds another human called the “Progenitor” who happens to be a genius in computer software and hardware. He’s found a way to gain control of some of the robots programming and has been turning them into his own private army. He shares his knowledge with Logan and his “Shadowwalkers” so they build their own army.

Eventually, in this final book of the series, all of these armies will have to meet to settle the future of humanity one way or another. While the story does come to an end, it’s neither satisfying or unexpected. You know something would have to happen instead of everyone just getting killed. I didn’t mind the ending, I just thought it was really unrealistic even for a science fiction book.

What really bugged me about is book is the terminology or the slang these guys used to talk to each other. This quote, “you feel me” was said over and over all the time and it made no sense! It makes all the Shadowwalkers sound like a bunch of idiots and I know there not that dumb. The whole down and dirty, I’m a country boy language was really silly and detracted from the entire story. You get to the point that you just want to tell Sgt Logan to shut up unless he has something intelligent to say! Sorry, but that’s the way I read the books.

I’m not disappointed this series has ended. It just didn’t make sense to carry this story line along any further.

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