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5 Small Stars
Wool Ominbus 1- 5

Wasn’t sure I wanted or was going to read this book(s). I hadn’t heard anything about them and what I had read was not my type of book. I’m usually focused on space and beyond, something like good ole Buzz Lightyear! Still, I bought the Wool Omnibus Edition and started reading. Oh, yeah, I read my books on my Nexus 7 using the Kindle app. Works just great and I find the Nexus 7 much lighter and easy to manage than the Kindle Fire (which I do own). [Sorry Amazon]

Back to the book. As I’m usually focused on outer space, this book pointed me in the opposite direction. I had a little period of time visualizing the story setting…again, I’m not used to being in enclosed spaces and in fact I hate them. But here we are in the gigantic (such a small word) underground silo! If you haven’t read the books yet, might want to stop reading this now. I finally got the concept and was getting real familiar with the initial key figures when they all get killed off. That happened pretty quick. Now comes the hero of the day or should I say heroine! I guess I’m a male chauvinist because I just don’t usually care for female heroines. As females goes, she goes pretty good even though she seems to get deeper in trouble with everything she does. Fortunately, as a mechanic and a very intelligent one, Juliette can either figure things out or take a wrench to it and gets the job done. I like her attitude. She carries off the story line very well. You seem to have the feeling that she’s going to get the job done some how, even when it appears she might go to her death.

I like the story because it was written in plain English with very few grammatical errors as far as I could tell. I didn’t find any stupid phrasing or paragraphs that didn’t fit. That’s very refreshing for an Amazon Kindle book, believe me.

Lastly, here’s the confusing part, as I read the story, I was constantly asking myself, where were the damn elevators? All this mechanical and electrical energy plus a few geniuses here and there and these people are killing themselves going up and down 144 levels or is it 148, I lost track?
That’s ain’t normal nor is it right! Maybe this next book explains this. I sure hope so.


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