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“Alarm of War”


5 Small Stars
Alarm of War

I read this book awhile back but failed to post a review.  So, after re-reading the book, I’m going to correct that mistake.

This is a good science-fiction book.  It’s got a lot of good story content.  Initially, I was not sure which side I was supposed to be cheering for since the book starts out with a sinister plotting that will lead to war.  You get introduced to the Dominion of Unified Citizenry (D.U.C.s) and the Tilleke Empire.  They and a few minor planetary systems are not pleased with the Victorians (Victoria).

Victoria is the dominating civilization residing in a system that just happens to lead to six others.  Obviously, all trade has to go through Victoria and then through one of her six wormholes other wise the shipping lanes are extremely long.

Victoria hasn’t really taken advantage of this situation.  They haven’t levied any kind of passage tax on any shipping going either way through any of the wormholes, but the trips between systems does require stops for fueling and minor repairs.  Also, most goods are transported to Victoria’s home planet and then placed in warehouses so the customer can then come pick them up.  Warehouse storage fees are becoming a problem or so the Dominion and Tilleke Empire believes.

Additionally, the Tilleke Empire needs a certain mineral which is mined in a system they do not control.  Transportation of that mineral to Victoria does have to go through the Tilleke Empire and they do take a portion as transit taxes but they believe they are not getting enough.  Unfortunately, the Victorian Fleet is quite large and they protect the shipping lanes.

So, with all this politicking going on, it’s a wonder a war doesn’t start.  That’s the overall big picture.  The book then switches to a small group of people, four to be exact, who are just now embarking on military careers with the Victorian Fleet.  Their stories start with how they got to the point of joining the Victoria military and why. Then we read about their time in basic training.  There is quite a lot of action during this part of the story.

From here we follow our main characters to the Victoria Fleet; the mightiest fleet in any system.  Well, that’s what they thought.  Unknown to the Victorian’s, the D.U.C.s and Tilleke’s were secretly building more ships and developing new technology.  They come up with a pretty smart plan and spring it on the Victorian’s rapidly.  Soon, Victoria’s mighty fleet is shredded and fleeing for it’s life to Refuge.

Our main characters come to fight.  Although very junior officers, they get thrown into some very interesting situations.  Lots of combat actions both Navy and Marine.  I really liked all the space and Marines battles.  The author did a nice job in describing the actions.

There is a lot more to this story so you’ll have to read it to see what I left out here.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  One thing in my favor is that although I read this sometime awhile ago, it allowed for the next book to be published.  I can’t wait to read it.

3 thoughts on ““Alarm of War””

  1. Fantastic sience fiction.
    Soryline is
    very moving.
    Is there going to be a follow up, Cant wait.

  2. Mike,

    The best I can give you is that the author retired in 2015 (lawyer) and is now writing the third book in the “Alarm of War” series. I don’t know when that will be out.

    Jim C.

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