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5 Small Stars

Admiral Pike and his Armada of United Human Space Force which is comprised of Channisari and Earthmen along with the Diakans and the Reivers have traveled in search of ther Antikitheri, an ancient race thought to have built the stargate system. Admiral Pike has with him a Dvorkan, Miira, an historian and expert on the Antikitheri. She has greatly facilitated Admiral Pike’s contact with the Antikitheri.

Only the meeting doesn’t turn out the way Pike expected. While the Antikitheri were almost god-like in their demeanor, they didn’t seem to think that Earth’s plight was of much consequence. They initially told Pike that the Milky Galaxy was once theirs and it was pacified so they left. Now they have very little interest in that galaxy since they are governing or ruling others. But when Pike tells them that the Erinyie were now helping the Juttari, the Antikitheri said that was not supposed to be happening and they would intervene. Only problem now was, they didn’t indicate when they would intervene.

So, John Pike’s armada sailed back to the Milky Way galaxy wondering if and when the Antikitheri would actually help and if it would come before all humanity was exterminated by the Juttari/Erinyie.

On the way back, Pike decides to see if the Dovrkan would like to form an alliance. But, he’s met by a fleet of Var who have some tremendous abilities that match or exceed the UHSF. A battle ensues, one of many to come, with the UHSF coming out on top since they found a fleet of over 2,000 ships built by the Admiral Pikes AI while they were gone.

Then Pike’s armada moves on towards Dovrkan Prime at the invite of General Kiith, commander of the Emperors elite Taymati protection force. It seems that the Dvorkan Emperor is under attack just like his father before him. While it was said that his Father died in an accident, the Emperor now believes he was killed by those of his own military. He’ll definitely need some help finding out who is after him and why.

Admiral Pike and his armada do get involved in this Dvorkan struggle, but finally leave and find the way back to Earth or at least to Diakan. What they find there is almost impossible to understand. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens. It’s a long book, but very exciting.

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