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4 Small Stars

Well, Captain Thomas Baldwin made it back to the Concord capital, Nolix, with his ship the Constantine and its crew. Only now he faces a Board of Inquiry for his recent actions against the Statu. He had gone against his orders given by Admiral Hudson who has also been killed or taken by the Statu during the fighting. That fact that Admiral Hudson and the, now former Prime Pha’n were found to have lied to the Concord Council about a number of things did less the charges against him. Also, it was in his favor that he had successfully rescued his crew members and the numerous Bacal civilians taken captive by the Statu. Based on those action, the Board dismissed all charges and reinstated him to command for the Constantine.

There was one other thing in Captain Baldwin’s favor and that was the shortage of combat capable ships now serving the Concord. So the new Admiral in charge, Admiral Jalin Benitor had a new mission for the Captain and his ship. The Concord agreement was about to be shattered with the Zilph’l, a Founder civilization was seriously considering leaving the Concord. If they did that, then the whole alliance was going to splinter. There were too many outside enemies to let that happen. Those enemies would begin striking back at the separate now defunct Concord civilizations leading to constant war. So, Captain Baldwin and the Constantine were going to Leria to sit down and try to convince the Zilph’l not to leave the Concord. Admiral Benitor and Prime-in-Waiting Harris, a human, were to accompany him.

Admiral Benitor had also given Captain Baldwin a side mission, but one that almost had to be successfully accomplished and that was to convince the Ugna to join the Concord. The Ugna were a super secretive race similar to the Zilph’l, but they were even more against outside contact with other races. They also had developed extensive mind control methods which made them unique throughout space. While not advertised, the Ugna had also secretly build a substantial space Navy and Tom Baldwin had to secure its services or the Concord would very soon be destroyed.

Then, while at a Leria, word of an attack against a Concord mining station was announced. The Constantine was directed to go find out who had done the attack and stop it immediately. So, now it starts. How can one ship stand against pirate fleets or even other unknown fleets that will begin attacking the Concord members? Captain Baldwin will find out and it might just mean the death of one of his valued crew member!

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