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5 Small Stars

There’s a war coming and the Concord Alliance might not win. They appear to be fighting themselves, so is this a civil war or are they really being attacked by outsiders? Well, the Ugna are now members of the Concord as of the previous book. How they got their membership is somewhat questionable, but it’s done and now they seem to be a problem. High Elder Wylen has kept in the shadows for most of the Ugna’s rise as a new nation. Yet, he’s been driving the Ugna towards this moment for a long, long time. He laid his plans when he was very young and has grown in power over time. While Elder Fayle has been the face of the Ugna for quite some time, Wylen has been pulling the strings. Now it appears that Elder Fayle realizes her mistake in trusting High Elder Wylen. He doesn’t just want the Ugna to be Concord members, but he wants the Ugna to rule the Concord! And he will enforce his will by force if necessary.

In the last book, it was found that Earth has been invaded by “Invaders” who are actually Ugna, but not trained in the ways of the Ugna. They have telekinetic powers, but they are untrained it how to really use it, but it still gives them a advantage over normal humans. That has how the Ugna of Earth have come to power. They and the rest of the “Invaders” as these Ugna are called, Have managed to even turn some normal Earth humans into Ugna, but still totally untrained in the telekinetic power. High Elder Wylen has sent his emissary, “The Prophet” with Lark Keen to rally the Earth Ugna to support the take over and conquest of the Concord. He promised Keen a powerful position within his Concord empire. Keen believes this is his best course of action since Wylen’s people busted him out of prison. Now he’s working to turn the Earth “Invaders” to the Ugna cause. Still he’s not an Ugna and has none of their powers so is he really going to trust these people, especially High Elder Wylen to act as promised. He needs to do some deep, deep thinking.

Still, the Prophet has convinced the Earth Ugna to put together a fleet of sixteen large ships and head to the Concord capital. Meanwhile, Admiral Thomas Baldwin is attempting to build up a defensive force around Nolix, the Concord Alliance capital. He knows he’s going to be short-handed, they haven’t really done any massive ship building in quite some time and the Constantine was the first new ship of the modern era. As you know, it is now commanded by Captain Treena Starling, a very unique individual. She and her ship are heading out to help those alliance members that are coming under attack by other members who have come under the influence of High Elder Wylen. She and her ship easily defeat all these minor threats, but it does take her away from the force build-up at the capital. She needs to get this fighting on the borders under control and head back home. Admiral Baldwin needs her and her ship badly!

In the last book, we read where Captain Starling and the Constantine did go to Earth. With the help of some human rebels, they managed to slip some errors into the navigation coding of the “Protectorate” vessels. When the human Ugna activated their Nek drives (the plans were given to them by Wylen), they arrived in the middle of know where and had to figure out what went wrong. It will take some time, but they should be able to solve the problem and get back on track to Nolix. They really need to be there when High Elder Wylen arrives with his fleet. It’s unknown whether High Elder Wylen can defeat the defenders at Nolix with just his fleet, but his command ship is a humongous colony ship packed with Ugna. These Ugna will be high on En’or which is the drug that enhances their powers. They can destroy a mind from a great distance away, just by going into a trance and projecting their abilities to the target human or humans.

So, there’s a major battle coming up and it’s anyone’s guess as to who will win. Admiral Thomas Baldwin will be defending his beloved Concord Alliance with the knowledge that he might be saving it for his future child or children. Only time will tell. A very good and interesting story. It seems to have run its course in this book so I don’t believe there will be any more books in the Baldwin Legacy series.

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