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“Lost Time”


Lost Time

So in this book we get to find out what happened to Rex Walker and Veronica Jones’ Fathers. They had teamed up to follow some kind of ancient artifacts that would supposedly lead them to another world. There were a set of “Token” that had to be placed in slots on this pedestal in a hidden building in Portugal. Dirk Waller and Clayton Belvedere had successfully gotten the Tokens to work and had left instructions with a third friend to hide the Tokens once they left while leaving clues that hopefully someone someday would find and come after them. They also thought this way led to getting some help for Earth as the “Unknowns” were now steadily coming towards Earth.

While these “Unknowns” were months away from arriving, they had developed quite a following known as the “Believers”. The Believers thought their job was to prepare Earth and humanity for the arrival of the Unknowns. How they were to “prepare” humanity wasn’t all that clear except it has something to do with mind control. These Believers think that the Unknowns will choose them to become the leaders of a new world as they are mentally controlled and told what to do. The Believers are a vast cult that has been growing for years. They are in every major government and organization throughout the world and they are ruthless. They fear no police or military since a lot of their members belong to those organizations and when a Believer does something against the law, it gets overlooked or conveniently goes away. Now that the arrival of the Unknowns is imminent, the Believers are becoming even more fanatical.

The Believers believe that the journey taken by Dirk Walker and Clayton Belvedere is not the right action. They know that these two are trying to get help for Earth against the Unknowns so the Believers are out to stop anyone involved with that effort. Of course, that’s exactly where you find Rex Walker and his growing group. They managed to find all six of the Tokens and have re-opened the gate to Rimia where Rex and Veronica’s Fathers went. It’s been eight year since Dirk and Clayton went through the “gate” and now that they are back, they can’t hardly believe it. Only, they now know there is a Seventh Token that, again, will take them someplace where they can get help for Earth. Where they wound up initially was Rimia, a pretty dead world that had been destroyed ages ago. Still, they did find one small village of people, near-humans that were supposed to be guarding the way to the next gate. Only these people had lost their way and didn’t know anything. In fact, finding the next gate was taboo to them.

Now that Dirk and Clayton are back, they have gotten Rex’s group searching for the Seventh Token. Unfortunately, it is in the possession of the Believers and that’s going to be a problem. But, on the flip-side, the Believers that have it, apparently don’t know what they have. So, Rex and his group start plotting a way to get the Seventh Token and it involves some pretty hair-brained actions. It’s also kind of surprising that Rex Walker, a university professor, in his forties, has no compunction about killing people. Oh, he did get shot himself, and seems to had a miracle recovery, but he’s going to be shooting other people and even stabbing a few and doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. I find that kind of strange. There are two other members of his group, Tripp and Saul, who have been trained to do that sort of thing, but Rex hasn’t yet he takes it in stride! It also is very convenient that they had a very rich benefactor in Hunter Madison and, even though he has died, know one seems to know it and they are traipsing around the world using his money!

Rex’s group grows with the addition of an FBI Agent. His help isn’t much, but at least he has contacts in a few places that will help them out. Yet, even he is getting calls from his Boss to break off any investigation he might have on the Believers and get back to normal FBI work. Special Agent Evan Young isn’t going to do that since his wife got taken in by this cult and he wants to find out where she is and get her out. While he can’t join the cult himself, one of Rex’s young friends does just that. The Believers are planning something big throughout the world and it’s starting in Colorado. So Marcus Wells manages to become and an Initiate and gets taken to the big rally in the Colorado mountains. What happens there is kind of strange and for a cult that believes in an advance race of beings, their actions are pretty stupid. I’m not sure why this scene had to take place the way it does and I don’t know why this was part of the story. I don’t thing the Unknowns are vampires!

Ok, so the story doesn’t end here. Help is kind of on the way, although the people Rex and Veronica find to help aren’t all that ready to help and don’t bring a lot of help with them. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. Book 3, “Lost Hope” is up for pre-order, but will be availabe on 6 July which is the day after tomorrow as I’m writing this. I think I’ll be adding it to my reading list.

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