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Fulcrum Gun

Captain Carl Recker, his crew and his ship, the Fulcrum were in serious trouble with very little in the way of help. The Fulcrum is a Meklon starship Captain Recker and his crew commandeered when their Human Planetary Alliance starship was destroyed during the most recent encounter with the Galactar. That starship is a huge battleship far bigger than anything the HPA or the Meklon’s have ever built. It apparently was the reason the Meklon civilization was almost near extinction. So devastating was the weapons on the Galactar, that one shot of their Executor beam mean instant death to anyone it was directed at. Captain Recker had to ensure his crew and his new ship weren’t the target of that beam. It could well be an impossible task.

Fortunately, Captain Recker has been recognized by the Meklon as one of them. He doesn’t know how this was possible, but it must have occurred during one of his original encounters with Meklon technology. It enabled him to capture the first Meklon starship, the Vengeance a long while back. Now in his new Meklon battleship he was going as fast as possible anywhere the Galactar wasn’t. He had been given some information on where he might go to find other Meklons if they did exist, so he was headed for one of their stations. It was hoped that they would have broadcast some kind of message telling him where to go if he was, in fact, fleeing from the Galactor and the Lavorix who were the enemy of the Meklon and could possibly be the enemy of both the Humans and the Daklan. It was already known that both the Meklon and the Lavorix were vastly more advanced than either the Humans or Daklan. A war with the Lavorix would not go well.

While the Fulcrum was a very powerful weapon system, it could not stand up to the Galactar and win. It was just no contest. There probably wasn’t a ship in the know universe that could win that battle. Yet, he did receive something interesting in one of the brief intel snippets they had gotten from the Meklon automated systems. It mentioned something about a new weapon under development that might be the answer to the Galactar. The information wasn’t complete and he didn’t think the weapon was also complete, but he was going to have to find out. It could be his only hope. He and his crew did know one thing, they couldn’t return back to Human space without destroying this Lavorix battleship. To lead that thing back to Earth could be the death of everyone and and everything.

This is a very interesting story that sometimes gets a little too technical. I would periodically lose interest in a lot of the technical explanation of a number of weapon systems, but I guess it added some sudo-realism to the story. This story still seems kind of strange in that Captains of these huge starships are apparently the ships pilots also. I’m not sure why or how that’s possible, but it says that Captain Recker has to guild/fly the ship around in several scenes. The author also made it so Captain Recker has to go on all the away missions which is kind of ridiculous, but that’s part of the story! If he ever got killed, the rest of the crew might as well commit suicide!

This series does continue with book 5, “Laws of Ancidium” already available on Amazon. Looks like book 6, “Empires in Ruin” is also available. I’ll probably be adding them to my reading list, but not right now.

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