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5 Small Stars

Pretty good star for a new series, although I don’t know if I’m going to continue reading it. Oh, the series and this story are just fine, but the book pretty well stands alone and there’s no “cliff-hanger” that makes me want to continue reading this series. Still, I would put it on my reading list if my list weren’t already full!

Eli is the de facto captain the Boomerang, his own space hauler which he and is crew called home. A rather small home, but it was more than adequate for their needs. Yet, they now had two more people in the original crew, Quinn, Eli’s daughter and her boy friend, Tom. Tom was a doctor, so he was a good addition to the crew, but he was also a Squadron Officer from Earth which didn’t set too well with Eli. And the fact that Tom was also an influence on Quinn, also didn’t make things any better between Tom and himself.

The Boomerang and it’s crew were hired help. They went and found things requested by their customers. Currently, they were on a job to retrieve a package for a benefactor who would be willing to pay a substantial sum if the item were returned intact. Eli and his crew had found the item and was attempting to get it back to the ship. They also found some thing much stranger than they had anticipated. A whole valley populated with shiny silver orbs that appeared to be ships getting ready to lift off.

When these orbs did lift off, the course they set was directly towards Earth. While Eli and his crew were witness to this event, they at first thought all the orbs had left the planet which they were on, but that wasn’t the case. A few had stayed around and had now spotted the Boomerang and her crew on the ground. Getting airborne and into space was now a priority. Once into space, Eli found his crew fighting a dangerous flock of deadly enemies.

Oh, before lifting off from the planet, they also found a human life form in bad shape on the other side of the planet. Not everyone wanted to go and rescue this life form since they didn’t know if it was near dead or just a trap. But, they did go and pickup one very badly injured lady by the name of Yasha. Where she came from and why she was there by herself tells a lot about the rest of the story.

There is some intense space fighting off and on. Eli and his crew are not “bad” people, they had just bent some rules in the past which were to their benefit. They like to look out for themselves and weren’t normally involved in rescuing anyone if it didn’t profit them. Still, these orbs were dangerous and they were heading straight toward Earth. Earth didn’t have the means to defend itself against these thing since there were so many. Quinn, Eli’s daughter wanted him to take the Boomerang back to Earth and help in its defense. Eli wanted nothing to do with Earth and that feeling was mutual with the rest of his crew.

Yet, things can change in a big hurry when someone gets killed. Who that person was and what happened after that is what this story is all about. It’s a good read and I think you’ll enjoy it very much.

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