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“First Flight”


5 Small Stars
First Flight

A new author and a new series. This is one that I will stay with as long as the author keeps writing in the style he’s shown here.

Flight Lieutenant Mason Grey is in for one heck of a ride. He’s initially assigned to Wing Commander Kritikos’ wing aboard the FSFV Eagle. He’s in a briefing about the upcoming mission which is to attack and secure a League base. It should be a routine attack although they should expect casualties both with the ground ops and the flight ops. The League has starfighters that are almost equal to the FSFV’s starfighters. Mason wasn’t especially concerned about his enemy, he was a very competent fighter pilot, but he was nervous about the upcoming battle.

As it turns out, he should have been scared to death! Once the attack on the small moon base began, everything was going as plan with the exception that the League wasn’t fighting back. Mason was able to fly all the way down to the crater pocked moon to find the base literally destroyed with hundreds of wrecked League starfighters crashed in pieces on the surface.

That’s when a large contingent of unknown contacts suddenly appeared in space headed straight for Mason and his colleagues. These ships had no marking and didn’t appear to have just come out of hyperdrive, but here they were none the less. And these starfighters were very, very good. His squadron began dropping rapidly joining the League scrap yard on the moon. Mason managed to get hit just enough that his only recourse was to crash land on the moon, which he did. Walking away from his wrecked starfighter, Mason knew he was in trouble. He had to find some place to hid and survive until his people found him or until the League came to capture him.

About a week after setting himself up in a habitat found intact on the moon, his “rescuers” finally arrived. It was a League cruiser surveying all the damage to their moon base. They quickly located Mason since he was the only warm body on the moon and took him as their prisoner. The League cruiser was looking for fuel at this base, but obviously didn’t find any.

So, Mason was interrogated and confined until the cruiser approached another League base attempting to again refuel. Only this time the unknown attackers were active around this base also. The League Captain called Mason to come talk to her and asked his opinion on how to best defend and defeat this new enemy. Since Mason was the only starfighter pilot to have survived an encounter with this alien enemy, the League Captain gave his opinion some weight. Fortunately, Mason was a very smart fighter pilot and knew space ship tactics very well. He managed to get the League cruiser out of harms way, but now, it was very short of fuel.

Mason offered to take the League cruiser to a FSFV base. The League Captain said that they would be blown out of space immediately showing up in Federal space, but not if she surrendered to Flight Lieutenant Mason Grey! So, she did and Mason single-handedly captured a League cruiser. His fame and notoriety shot up immediately. That’s when he was assigned to the Special Purpose Branch or the Federal Space Forces’ Intelligence Branch. From here, his career takes off in very many ways, none of which he expected or anticipated.

This is a relatively long book with several distinct parts to it. You kind of feel like it’s about to end only to be thrown into another mission. They are all exciting to read about and you wonder where this series will go. Either way, it’s going to be very interesting.

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