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Once again, Mr. Jucha has written a wonderfully great book. If you have not started from the beginning with “The Silver Ships (Book 1)” then you’ve missed a lot of wonderful science fiction. And I say wonderful because, these are the nicest, warmest and friendliest books in the genre that I’ve have ever read. [SPOILER ALERT! ] Even when Admiral Tachenko uses a bad guys own deadly knife thrust towards her, to shove that knife up through his jaw and into his brain, it just felt like that was the best thing that could happen to anyone, especially this guy, Toyo! [SPOILER ALERT! ]

After solving the problem of the stupid Earth people, Alex Racine and his companion, Renée, have settled down on Hellborne, the home planet for the Harakens and are planning his retirement from the Presidency in the near future. Unfortunately, others are out doing what they normally do and that is get into trouble. Christy, Alex’s inquisitive and sometime nosey, sister and friends are investigating what has been thought to be an illegal night club right in the capital city of Espero. She, a former New Terrian, like Alex, and two other Méridian close friends find this club hidden behind a holographic projection in a very dark alley. They, because no one turns down three very attractive women, gain access to the club only to find themselves drugged immediately upon entering. They wind up being kidnapped and now our story starts in earnest. What do you think Alex Racine will do to find his sister?

The Haraken community which is really comprised of many former New Terrains, Méridians, and even Earthers is one built upon a great deal of common sense, something very much lacking in these other communities. Also, Haraken’s have embraced technology to it’s fullest extent in that they have set free their SADES (Self-Aware Digital Entities), who for centuries served only aboard space ships in small gray boxes. Alex was the first to recognize that these “machines” were very much self-aware and should be considered an equal species. He made it possible for them to build surrogate bodies in which now housed their “central processors” and allowed them the mobility they had been denied for centuries. Now the free SADES feel they owe a huge debt of gratitude to Alex Racine and all who follow him.

Harakens are also different in that they employ implants directly into their brain which allows them to communicate telepathically and instantly. This also allows for the transfer of emotions indirectly so that any Haraken would find it extremely difficult to think terrible of another or to lie to another Haraken. There society is built on truth and justice as they Harakens see it. This definitely conflicts with some of the civilizations in which they encounter. But, it is a model community that would be wonderful to emulate.

So, now to you get to read how Alex Racine and almost all of his Haraken followers are out to rescue three young women, one of which happens to be their Presidents daughter. It does not bode well for those who did this unimaginably stupid deed. But, it does make for a great read. And, there is still more to come!

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