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5 Small Stars

This is probably the second best series I have ever read. I’m very surprised I’d admit that since the main feature of this story, is that the people involved are very nice! And I’m talking about the Haraken. S. H. Jucha has created a civilization that is almost utopian. He took a young asteroid miner who previously captained his small vessel and turned it into an entire civilization that represents freedom and equality for everyone. Now, President Alex Racine, is the leader of Haraken and responsible for the majority of changes that have taken place over the last three and now four books. The author also, very wisely, created a glossary at the end of this book which is an absolute necessity if you are just now coming into the series. There are so many, many people, SADEs, planets, colonies, and now Earthers to ever remember. But, I believe you will remember everyone of these books.

The Haraken’s are not only nice people, but apparently the only ones in this part of the galaxy who understand that there might come a time where you have to stand up and fight for the way you wish to live. The Confederation composed of mostly Méridiens, haven’t figured this out yet. Although they are pacifist, they did not learn any thing when the Nua’ll previously showed up and began systematically destroying everything in the Confederation system. The Méridiens chose to fleet their homes in gigantic colony ships which could not take everyone. Their leadership decided they would pay the price of those millions who were left behind as long as they were safe. Not the brightest of leadership!

Alex Racine and his mix of New Terrains and Méridiens chose to fight the Nua’ll and save what they could. In the end, they save themselves and the Confederation. Yet, for some unknown reason, the Council Leader of the Confederation, Ser Mahima Ganesh, is strongly opposed to anything associated with Alex Racine or his Harakens. And now, a “scout” ship has shown up from Earth, the Solar System. While these Earthers initially request to speak with the leader of the Confederation or Méridien, Council Leader Ganesh refuses to respond to any communications. She believes the Earthers will take their heavily armed “scout” ship and leave the Confederation System if the are not welcomed.

Alex Racine and his people are not so naive. They suspect that a “scout” ship as heavily armed as this one, is not on a purely friendly visit. Alex accepts communications with the Earthers and through his and his peoples subtle but thorough methods, they reveal that the Earthers are there to assume the Confederation into the Earth Union, at force if necessary!

The rest of the story is brilliant. The Earth scout ship even calls for reinforcements which arrive, but they have not learned that Alex Racine and his Harakens are a formidable opponent even to the power of the Earth Union. You need to read how this turns out. There is some fighting, but lots of maneuvering by both sides, some successful and others not so. No matter what happens in this first contact with Earth, the Harakens and the Confederation has a very difficult time ahead. Will President Racine, his fellow humans and SADEs be able to manage this problem?

A very, very good series with excellent writing. It will continue in “Sol”, and I’ve already pre-ordered it. I strongly suggest you do the same!

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