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5 Small Stars

Things are really getting interesting in this fantastic universe created by Mr. Jucha. The Omnians, Harakens. Meridians, Earthers and SADEs and just about everyone else in Alex Racine’s universe are set to go after the Nua’ll. They are tired of the Nua’ll spying on their individual civilizations and downright destroying any civilization that has found space travel. So, Alex and his permanent collection of friends are collecting anyone and everyone that wants to go on this expedition knowing that they might not ever come back!

Alex doesn’t harbor the feeling that his expedition can actually destroy the Nua’ll. In fact, he believes the Nua’ll are actually being controlled by another powerful being or beings and that who he wants to seek out. He will talk to them if provided the opportunity, otherwise, he and his expedition could be fighting a losing battle which will ultimately result in the extinction of all humanity or anyone or thing not controlled by whomever is controlling the Nua’ll.

The story has about three parts that are written very well. There’s the initial preparations with Alex directing almost everything and somehow seeing into the future as to what they might need on this long and arduous journey. The Omnians have even converted one of their city-ships into a fighting ship which will carry star fighters and be armed with its own weapons. Of course, the Freedom commanded by Admiral Cordelia is a huge ship and will accommodate just about anything they need to bring with them except for stuff from other civilizations that are soon to be delivered.

Eventually, every thing is ready for the expedition and they set sail for “the wall”. This is where they first encountered a Nua’ll presence and fought a minor battle which resulted in on New Terran ship being destroyed due to its incompetent Admiral. Alex believes his expedition will have to fight a very major battle, but he also knows how the Nua’ll or whoever is controlling them, will fight and he has a plan.

Once that battle is over, Alex also plans to seek out one of the civilizations currently under the control of “Artifice” who is now known as the digital entity that somehow controls a vast number of civilizations. He or it is behind the actions of the Nua’ll and Artifice is the thing that Alex knows he has to reach in order to save all of these other enslaved civilizations and humanity. But, his plans on finding that one single civilization that might be willing to break away from Artifice comes up different than expected. Now his expedition has over 500+ human babies and children that must be protected. The story of how this comes about is very interesting and is typical Jucha writing.

The great thing about this book is that the series is not over. There will be another book entitle, “Artifice” and it will obviously deal with Alex Racine and his expeditions encounter with Artifice. They do make contact with Artifice in this book, but it didn’t go as well as either planned. I’m looking forward to this next book. It should be really exciting.

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