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5 Small Stars

Alex Racine and his group of Omnians are out after the Nua’ll, a race of beings that appears to be set on destroying every civilization in the galaxy. They have already fought and destroyed once Nua’ll mothership and just now finding out that there might be covert drones planted in every system known to man and more. These drones are silently watching and recording everything in these star systems and reporting back to the Nua’ll. In this way, the Nua’ll will know when a civilization is getting too close to their technology level and becoming a threat. They then send out one of their motherships to destroy that civilization.

The Omnians are going to stop this ruthless destruction if they can. They have followed a trail of a Nua’ll mothership to another star system called Vinium where on of the Omnian’s scout ships have been captured by a Vinium ship. While the Vinium ship can’t access the Omnian ship, they have shut it down. The Omnians have likewise gotten control of the Vinium ship and shut it’s systems down so they are both now stationary in orbit. Alex Racine and his fleet have now arrived at Vinium and are going to attempt to rescue his scout ship and crew.

They find an interesting new alien species inhabiting the other ship and inhabiting this star system. Initially, communicating with this new species is difficult since they appear to be plant-based life forms. Yes, we’re dealing with talking plants. Actually, they don’t really talk like humans, but they have method of communicating that takes the Omnian SADEs a while to figure out.

While cruising through this system, the Omnians notice numerous pieces of materials floating in the Vinium star system. An analysis determined that these were pieces of a Nua’ll defender ship. So, the Vinian’s must have had contact with a Nua’ll ship and some how driven it away. But, a close study of the ship that captured the Omnian scout ship shows that it has very little armament and is not very powerful.

So now Alex has an entire new system to explore and examine. He intends to find a way to communicate with this new alien species and find out the story behind the destroyed Nua’ll sphere. How was it done and what happened to the mothership. The information he gathers here send the Omians on another far greater adventure that they had anticipated.

Alex also comes to the conclusion that the Nua’ll drones cannot be left in the star systems in which humans reside so he needs to do something about them. It also appears that these drones will not just sit and be captured. Some can and will cause a great explosion which he doesn’t foresee in his first capture attempt.

Later, the data about these drones and their placement give some indication of where the Nua’ll might possibly be coming from. Does Alex and his small fleet dare to follow that path and confront the Nua’ll. Just who are the Nua’ll and why are they doing what they’re doing.

Not all these questions get answered in this book, but it looks like they will eventually since this is not the end of the series. Coming in 2018 is a new book, “The Nua’ll”. I can’t hardly wait for it.

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