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“Fury to the Stars”


Fury to the Stars

This is a pretty good series if you like the kind where there’s one and only one hero that does every single thing! And, he’s a Lieutenant Commander, not even considered promoteable to Commander or even Captain (Navy), yet he’s given his own destroyer and sent on a mission with other more senior officers in command of other ships. In a practical sense, none of this make sense. The Captain of Fleet aboard the EAD Destiny, is, apparently, a full Captain (Navy) and will soon be a Commodore. But, no one every considered promoting our hero, Chase. That’s kind of strange.

Chase is also a fighter pilot who doesn’t have much, if any, training in large or multi-ship maneuvers. Yet, of all the Captains in the fleet, he’s the one that has to take on the most serious missions. He’s also got to rescue his girl friend, Sarah, who has been in the clutches of the arch enemy, Argos. She’s being tortured to death and revised, multiple times. Yeah, Argos can do that. Chase, it turns out has the same powers, only he can’t control them yet. So, he’s got to rescue Sarah, learn how to control his powers and also save the entire Earth from total destruction. Now, doesn’t that sound like something any young man could pull off, especially on a Lieutenant Commander’s pay!

WARNING! SLIGHT SPOLIER! The story is well written. I like the writers style. I think he could add just a touch more humor to parts of the story to kind of tone down some of the intensity. It’s also a little obvious who the traitor in the midst is. Yeah, someone is telling Argos exactly what the Alliance is doiing so Argos can be ready with his minions, but alas, Chase isn’t smart enough to figure it out (even though she’s sitting right next to him)!

I will be getting the next book in the series, but I don’t know if I’ll be reading it right away. I just have a bunch of other books that I need to read, but I will continue to read the series. It is good and well written.

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