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“Rogue Clone”


5 Small Stars
Rogue Clone

I really like these clone books. They have a good story line and usually make for easy reading. I go through the pretty quickly. I like military science fiction and these stories fit that category to a “T”. It’s also nice that this is a series of middle to long books. As the second in this series, it kept my attention focused on the main character, Wayson Harris, who is a “Liberator” clone that can be very mean when necessary. Strangely, tho, he’s not super smart and doesn’t always figure thing out before he should or before the reader does.

In this one his partner, Ray Freeman, helps him rin around the galaxy until they get stranded on farming planet which they can’t stand. Unfortunately, Harris tells an old man exactly how to strand himself and Freeman on this planet. Not one of his brighter moments.

Harris seems to be indestructible. He sure does seem to get out of some serious situations just in the Nick of time. I like the action, both with the military and otherwise. It sure would be nice if we could actually zip around the universe with self-broadcasting ships.

Again, great reading if you’re into military science fiction.


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