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“The Clone Sedition”


4 Small Stars
Clone Sedition

Not bad, a little confusing for awhile, not sure the author explained everything. Gen. Watson Harris seems a little lost in this new book. He went to Mars to find out about the “Legion” but some how got captured. I’m not sure exactly where he went after that. There was a scene with him roaming around an underwater city built by the French but I’m not sure how that fit into the book. I never understood how he got away from his captures but he did and seemed to figure out how to save the day.

For some reason, Gen Harris goes to Mars to find out why the resettled population of New Olympia has sent a bunch of assassins to kill almost a Division of his Marines including him. He finds the place grossly overpopulated with 17 million people in and all over the Mars Spaceport which usually handles about 3 million people on a normal day. The spaceport is a pig stye and the people living there are understandably upset. Still, they know that they would have been dead if not for the Marines who rescued them from their burned out planet!

Some how Harris gets captured or something. In fact, the entire battalion of Marines he took with him is also captured and brainwashed or something. I’m not really sure about all of this. These brainwashed Marines go back to Earth and somehow infect the rest of the 7th Division which decides to board a Navy ship and head back to Mars to join the brainwash permanent detachment already on Mars. If this all sound confusing, read the books.

I liked the story but I don’t know why Enlisted Men’s Empire Marines had to fight amongst themselves. That’s really all this was about. I don’t think the author really explained how some of these clones were “reprogrammed”. Who did it and how did it happen was just kind of glossed over. It certainly could be one guy.


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