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“A Titan’s Vengeance”


5 Small Stars
A Titan's Revenge

History repeats itself even in the far future. I don’t know exactly when this book occurs, but it doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t tie into Earth’s history anyway. Well, it does, but not directly. Earth and it’s location apparently have been lost to this previous Earth colony. I believe something like thousands of years have past so the history that is being made now is all their own. And, when I’m talking about “their”, I’m referring to several different countries, kingdoms, republics, whatever you normally call foreigners.

We have the bad guys, the Neo Hegemony (formerly called Galton Empire) and we have the good guys, the Kingdom (yeah, that’s all they are called). Well, the Neo Hegemony have pretty much conquered all of the Republic. The Republic is pretty much done for and the only thing they can hope to do is establish some kind of partisan resistance movement, but even that won’t be much. The Kingdom feels that they are next on the Neo Hegemony’s list, so they are marshaling their forces right now. There’s some hints about other players, like the Federation, The People (again, that’s it, nothing more), and the Dawn Empire, but they will come into the story at a much later date, I’m sure.

The Neo Hegemony isn’t known for it’s vast space force. They have a sufficient number of small craft which has done most of the heavy fighting against the Republic. Most of these space craft strike fast and hard with an emphasis on fast. Yet, now they have fielded a new starship. One that is a massive change from anything previously produced. It’s called the “Behemoth”, and it is huge! Not only is it the largest war fighting ship every produced by the Neo Hegemony, but it also outclasses anything in the Kingdom’s space fleet. Of course, the Kingdom can’t let this starship operate freely to disrupt vital supply lines out in the Reach.

So, the stage is set very similar to the same stage in 1941. If you’re not familiar with British history or even world history and WWII, then you probably need to read about that time or, I guess, you could just read this book and understand what happened back then just as easily.

The next book, “Relentless Fury” will be out on Amazon on June 9th, the 10th or the 11th, but 9 June. If that’s not a deadline, I don’t know what is. I’m looking forward to this next book

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