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“Lines of Departure”


4 Small Stars
Lines of Departure

Of all the ships to read about, it has to be the Midway! As a former crew member and Plank Owner after re-commissioning the USS Midway, CVA-41, back into the fleet in 1970, I have some strange feelings when reading about anything named Midway!  I sure wish it had been a starship. We took our Midway into harms way several times during the three years I was aboard. None of them were anything like this Midway.

Previous story line had Andrew Grayson joining the Navy to get out of his worthless life in Public Housing in Boston.  He was going to be a Network Controller on board some NAC starship but decided he wanted to do something a little more challenging so he volunteered to become a Combat Controller.  Now he’s a Staff Sergeant and headed for a planet that’s covered by Lankies and he’s planning on calling in some nucs on their little village.  I like this Grayson character. He’s just a regular guy doing his job and mostly trying to stay alive. He does have a peculiar job with lobbing nuclear weapons around. I think I would tend to hang with him just because he would know where not to be when a nuc was going off.

The story says some Master Sergeant is calling the shots for a Home Defense Battalion which  is  kind of far fetched.  You’ve got Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels involved and that means some pretty big egos which ain’t going to let a Master Sergeant run things, no way, no how.  Surely she isn’t the only Master Sgt in this whole outfit.  Not to say what she does isn’t right because it usually does take an NCO to put some common sense to mission orders but this is a little to far gone to really happen.

I’m not sure about Grayson’s trip to Earth to see his Mom. Sounds like he got a good dose of her living conditions and doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it. I mean why doesn’t he try to move his Mom some where else? Sounds like New Hampshire is still livable. Grayson’s not spending his money so why not give it to his Mom? By the way, I lived four years in Nashua, NH and just now getting thawed out in Texas!

This is another great series. Keep them coming and maybe a little longer, if possible.

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