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“Terms of Enlistment”


4 Small Stars
Terms of Enlistment

Pretty good story line, especially if you’ve ever been in the military. Starts off the way most people would; a young person leaving home for one reason or another to join the military. Turns out that the military isn’t such a bad deal if you just do what they want and that is to follow orders. I wonder when the US military will get smart and start consolidated basic training. It’s a logical thing to do and would certainly get rid of those that can’t adjust.

This young guy, Grayson, gets into the one branch he doesn’t want only because of a female recruit which he links up with in basic. I can’t imagine having a female in my basic training. Gee, what a distraction. Of course every female in these sci-fi stories are knockout gorgeous which just doesn’t happen in real life.

Any he gets himself transferred from the Terrestrial Army to the Navy where his girl from Basic got assigned. I was in both the Navy and Army and I sure didn’t want to read about some swabbie, that’s for sure, except this is a space navy so he’s just a “crewman” aboard ship until he gets some rank.

Any we follow this guy around and he’s got it pretty good, not getting shot at any more and having his girl right there by his side every day.
That works pretty good until his ship gets blown to crap and he’s down on a strange planet fighting Earth’s first contact aliens.

I hope we get more of this story. It’s got a good start.


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