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The books in this series are all the same, absolutely perfectly written! I thoroughly enjoy this series and this book was just as enjoyable as all the rest. The only problem is that I don’t know how much longer the series will last and that’s a shame to see it end.

James McGill is a warrior with an attitude. If you have kept up with the series, you’d be surprised at what Jame has accomplished or that he’s even still alive! Pretty much everything he does is against some regulation or directly contrary to what his superior officers want him to do, but some how he always manages to come out to the good. He does whatever it takes to make his plans work out. And when he doesn’t have a plan, he fakes it until something happens. There is a lot of subtle humor in this and all the prior books that I find really enjoyable.

Adjunct McGill is being tested to make sure he has the mental and physiological to become an officer. He was awarded his Adjunct rank by a high ranking Hegemony officer. For it to stick he had to pass these test. Most were hoping he would fail, but that wasn’t about to happen. So, now he’s got some rank, but he’s still the same old James McGill who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

This time trouble comes looking for him in the way of the Squids. They are now attempting to conquer Earth and make all humanity their slaves. To the Squids, you were either a slave or a Master. There wasn’t anything in between. Since the Squids considered them far superior to humans, they assumed they were the Master and the humans would willingly become their slaves. Didn’t happen that way and wasn’t going to happen. Except, the Squids have some very, very advanced Galactic technology that gives them a very, very distinct advantage over humans. Earth is about ready to be conquered. Then James McGill gets into the middle of everything. Now the fun really begins.

This is a pretty fast paced story. You get to know more about James McGill and the people around him. You also begin to understand something of the physiology behind getting killed and revived over and over. Oh, yeah, soldiers of Earth, especially the Legionnaires have a revival machine that can make you a new body once the old one has been killed. That is about the strange concept in any book I’ve read. It makes for some very interesting situations.

I do hope the author will continue this series. I want to see a book about humans going against the Galactics at some point. We are really slaves to them in that they withhold any technology they think we’re not capable of using correctly. That shouldn’t be their choice. If we can pay for it, the we should get it, right?

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