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“Dust World”


5 Small Stars
Dust World

I once thought being a soldier was tough but this guy has it really rough! Specialist McGill has the unfortunate pleasure of getting killed, some times very gruesomely, and coming back to life with his memory intact! That wouldn’t be pleasant! Bad enough getting shot and living through the recovery with the memory of that pain, but to die and come back again! I dont know. Makes for interesting reading though.

It seems to me that with their regeneration machine, the military would rely on a lot less people knowing that the ones dying will be coming back in a little while. I guess you just have to keep the current battle going long enough for the recycling to get done! Man, what a way to fight!

McGill gets a lot of attention in this story. He puts himself in a lot of situation where he shouldn’t be but it lucky enough to figure a way out of his trouble usually without getting himself killed, usually. Now that he’s a big gun he gets to lead from the front most of the time. That’s not the best place to be but he manages most of the time.

I think the story line is pretty good. This was a little different in that one of the supposed enemies were distantly related humans and not so easy to attack and wipe out. Still, there is a good set of bad aliens that need obliterating. Good writing along with a good story.

I hope the series continues. I’ll be buying them as fast as they are written.

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