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5 Small Stars

You get a moment to catch your breath but not much! Kyle Riggs has got to get his “Star Force” stood-up which isn’t an easy task by itself especially with his other problems! First off, now that most of the alien space ships have left, there is really no “Star Force”. He’s got a couple of bases, one that is supposedly secret but quickly gets exposed and one base that gets over run by US troops eager to take over all the alien technology that Riggs was using by himself.

Well, Kyle Riggs, isn’t such an easy target. He has quite a few loyal Star Force Marines with him at his secret base and they are ready to defend their turf. Riggs start manufacturing some laser turrents that will be ground based to defend his secret base. By the time he gets one finished, he’s repelled several ground attacks but things are just now getting started. You need to read to find out how he overcomes great odds just to get back to the problem of satisfying his agreement with the aliens.

Still, the day comes when the aliens arrive to pick up their ground troops. Of course, Colonel Riggs goes with his men and machines. He’s built quite an army of nanite enhanced Marines. They load up for parts unknown to do what they don’t know either!

Upon arriving at their alien destination, they find out they have to drive a civilization of worms to extinction and they aren’t willing to die easily.

Fast paced as was the first book. Excellent military science fiction! A great read.


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