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5 Small Stars

Absolutely great read! I do not believe I have read any other books by this author but I will certainly do so in the future! This story is well written with great character development. If you like military science fiction, this is the series to read.

Now I know what’s going on with all these alien abduction reports I read about. They’re true, well, maybe! Unfortunately, they’re not pleasant abductions.

The main character, Kyle Riggs, turns out to be the perfect guy you’d want if you were captured by a bunch of machines, intelligent computers, but too stupid to understand human nature.

Kyle Riggs and a group of non-voluntary abductees manage to stave off a full scale invasion of Earth after putting together a “Star Force” you won’t believe. The fighting is well written and satisfying to read. While there is some trouble in believing what’s actually happened to the human army, it gets into details enough that you start to believe it happened just the way written.

Lastly, “Colonel” Riggs, manages to stumble into a truce with the alien invaders not on the ground but out in space near Venus. How he does that and why is the reason you must read this book.
Warning, you won’t be able to put it down so give yourself plenty of time to read!


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