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Tech World

It’s time you got a cushy job with Legion Varus.  You fought and dies numerous times for this outfit and even made arrangements with the galactic lawyers so Earth wouldn’t be totally wiped out.  All Legion Varus has done for you is make you a Specialist which means you have to carry a much heavier weapon.  But, now things are looking up.  Legion Varus is going on a mission to release Legion Germanica that is currently acting as security forces for a floating city on the planet/world called Tech World.

There isn’t an enemy to speak of.  This Tech World is supposed to be a trading nexus where several aliens and humans meet to trade and sell their high tech gear.  You will probably get assigned to some kind of personal security details providing security to some very wealth alien.  All you have to do is stand around and look mean.  Now this sounds like a job you can really enjoy.  No more dying every time you turn around.

But, as soon as you get to Tech World, things start going south in a very big hurry.  You’re cohort gets assigned a Germanica Adjunct that is a scumbag first class and he leads you and your troops right into a smuggling mess.  You quickly find out that you can and probably will get killed sooner or later and you’d just as soon have that be much, much later.

This is an interesting story.  The enemy turns out to be very people you were supposed to be working for.  You also find that your former antagonist, Primus Turov is now a Imperator, but she now has joined the Hegemony Army which means she will remain on Earth once Legion Varus deploys, or so you think!

This is another great book detailing the exploits of now Specialist James McGill!  His biggest problem is that he thinks too much.  Instead of blindly following orders, this guy tries to figure things out and that gets him into lots of trouble.  And yes, even on a cushy assignment he can get himself killed multiple times with no problem.

I don’t know about this dying and being re-generated out of an alien machine.  I know they have repaired or replaced the body that suffered the life taking event, but what about the mind.  There are some thing that you can’t mentally recover from and most of those are your death but in reality, that’s not actually been proven.  Still, I would not want to go through this process.  Kill me once and I wouldn’t give you a second chance!

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