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5 Small Stars

Hum, I specifically read this book because I previously read “StarFire” also by Mike Lee.  He’s a petty good writer and if you haven’t read “StarFire”, I highly recommend it.  It’s especially good (“StarFire”) if you like a lot of military tactics and action in your science fiction books.

Now, about “Fey.”.  Right off, I DID like the story.  It was very interesting and continues the story of Vince Lombard, former G-Marine, now professional gambler.  I like Vince.  He has a lot of confidence in what he does and he doesn’t mess around with the small stuff.  It was interesting for him to tell about his card playing style and his ability to watch other players at the table to tell what they are doing.  And, no, this book isn’t just about gambling, card playing or him getting back into the G-Marines.

Well, what is it about then?  I’m not going to directly tell you.  You’re going to have to read the book.  I guarantee it is exciting.  You’ll read about aliens and Vince’s interactions with them.  And yes, he even gets shot at and blown up at least once.  He’s right in the middle of everything that happens and, unfortunately, the Alliance Navy is back and trying to give Vince more grief.  If you like a book that sticks it to the military when it acts like an idiot machine, then you’ll like this book.  He and the Navy didn’t depart on friendly terms but you’ll have to read “StarFire” to find out why.  Just say that they show up now and the way Vince Lombard, former Major in the G-Marines interacts with a supposed Navy Captain and even an Admiral is hilarious!  Yeah, this is also a fun book to read.

Again, don’t be mis-led by what you think this book might be about.  It’s about aliens, non-aliens, shooting, gambling and a bombing.  What more could you want in a book?  Read it.


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