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“Shadow of Worlds”


3 Small Stars
Shadow of Worlds

I am definitely not a fan of this kind of story. It is a mixture of Alice in Wonderland, the Tinman (not the Wizard of Oz version, and some other strange and bizarre made-up stories. It has Gods like Odin, Tyr, Heimdall, and others which I don’t read about because they are, to me, down-right stupid! There is some humor in the story, but it just comes off as silly. The writer is good; I enjoyed his other book, “World Ship Praxis”, quite a bit. The writing is fluid and moves right along. It’s just the story-line I’m not crazy about.

The story involves some guy who can walk between worlds. There’s some thought in science that every thing we do or don’t do creates another version of our world. These are branches with branches such that you on some world would be the person in your most secretive dreams. If you think you should be King of the World, there is a version of you in a parallel universe to this one in which you are exactly that, King of the World. In other parallel universes, humans don’t even exist!

Any way, this guy, Rafe and his wolf, find out that something really bad is coming to end everything. He has to gather his friends, which turn out to be two, and they are off on a “Quest”. He and his friends have to round up some idiotic collection of God’s, Titans, Mages, and a bunch of other fantasy characters and do battle with this bad guy.

This could have been a comic book. The ending is very predictable. The whole story is more confusing than interesting, but that’s just my opinion. The cover art could also have been a lot more interesting.

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