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5 Small Stars

This is the start of a new series. I think it’s going to be a pretty good one. It is a military science fiction book, although I though that it might change to something else after the first couple of chapters.

Conner Gates is the main character. He’s a Colonel in the North American Union Alliance and his current mission is to find the head of the Syndicate and kill him or her. His intel shows him the Syndicate leader is on Chronos Station and that’s where his team of “Ghosts” are headed. The Ghosts are a special black ops military unit that doesn’t exist for anyone except themselves and their immediate HQ. On this mission, even his HQ doesn’t know the details of where and what his team is doing.

They successfully board the huge space station and begin their search for the Syndicate leader. Unfortunately, their secret mission turns out not so secret. The Syndicate has set a trap for the team and intends to kill them or make sure they take the blame for the destruction of Chronos Station.

So, the Ghosts do manage to blast their way out of the station just as it is blown up. It now appears that the Ghost team was responsible for that destruction and the killing of the millions of people that lived there. Colonel Gates’ knows his future is very bleak. As the Commanding Officer for the failed mission, he’ll be held responsible for all those deaths. But, his team is picked up by the Battleship Carrier Indianapolis and meet up with Fleet Admiral Mitch Wilkinson. Here is where the story changes.

The Ark is humanity’s first interstellar colony ship and is soon to blast off on it’s eighty-four year mission. Most of the thirty-thousand colonist will be in cryostasis for the duration of the trip only to be awoken when they reach their target planet. The Battleship Indianapolis is bringing some last minute cargo and colonist to the Ark. It should be fairly obvious now what has happened to the Ghost team.

So, we now have a whole new story. Colonel Gates starts out with just himself and has to figure out what he’s going to do given his new circumstances. It’s now 200 years since the last mission and he doesn’t know where his team is or even if they are all a live. The story is very interesting and there are some good characters introduced.

The nice thing about this series is that the second book, “Nemesis” is already available. I’ve already started reading this book and think it’s going to be very interesting.

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