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“The Star Protocol”


5 Small Stars
Star Protocol

This book was pretty dang good for some new authors! I liked the story-line, but you’re going to have to think quickly to keep up with everything they have going on. There are five main characters introduced at the beginning of the book so be prepared to read and remember their names. I found it a little hard to keep up with all the initial action since I didn’t really know who could do what.

You have two Delta Force operators, Dash and Will, yes, that’s their names, and a British MI6 guy, John, who are chasing a bad guy in Iraq. It so happens this bad guy has fled into a ziggurat. Now the three good guys are on mission and backed up by the US Navy which is providing air cover for their operation. The Russians are also involved.

And it just so happens the ziggurat the bad guy leads the good guys into is the same building where Professor Alexander (Alex) and his daughter, Cassandra are doing their archeology thing. So now you’ve been introduced to most of the main characters. More will come later, but you have to kind of keep track of these people in the beginning because they are doing a lot of different things.

Then when all the immediate fighting dies down, they find themselves in an alien spaceship blasting off from Earth headed for who knows where. So, as you can tell, this isn’t going to be a simple sci-fi story. These five people are off on an adventure of a life time and it could very well be the last thing they ever do.

The Star Protocol happens to do with exterminating humans on Earth. As is told in numerous science fiction stories ad nauseam, we’re a very violent race. The alien who owns the spacecraft are five characters have left Earth in, was on her mission to wipe-out Earths population so we wouldn’t take our violence into the rest of space. I think she already knows that violence isn’t always bad and in her case, it could just save her entire race.

There may be more to this story although without revealing too much, the end of

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