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“Aeon Rising”


Aeon Rising

This is a very good science fiction thriller. There’s several things going on at the same time involving a husband and wife name Max & Talisha Carver. You’ll also meet Dr. Xin Rhou who is at Antartica when she notices her instruments getting blasted with comic rays in a volume never before encountered. She knows enough about what she’s seeing to know that it signifies the end of the world!

Max & Talisha Carver have been invited to a White House dinner party. They weren’t sure why they got the invite, but they both knew Lieutenant Colonel Oleander Buchannan. This guy is somehow in charge of a lot of things that happen in the book and I can’t figure out why. The book alludes to the fact that Buchannan has his own company called Stillwater which seems to be a privately contracted military organization. I don’t think it’s explained specifically who he works for, but he seems to be a close colleague of Senator Copeland, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Dr. Owen, Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), has just briefed the President of the United States on what appears to have been a supernova that just occurred recently in relatively close proximity to the Earth. This super explosion has ejected a corona of charged particles with some heading directly to Earth. It’s like a shockwave from an explosion, a ball of energy that is thrown in all directions at once. This ball of energy was believed to have been the explosion of several possible stars within the vicinity of Earth. This one was possibly in the “kill zone”, a zone where such an event could trigger a mass extinction event on Earth. It already appeared as a bright object in the sky and, according to Dr. Owen, would only get bigger the closer this shockwave got to Earth. Then name given to this object is “Aeon”.

Ok, so here we have an already catastrophic event getting ready to take place, but Colonel Buchannan is attempting to investigate something else going on in Brazil. It seems that a wealthy eccentric, named Ben Belloc, has established a Colony somewhere deep in the Brazilian rain forest. For what purpose no one knew, but recently this “Colony” had launched a missile that turned out to be a rocket propelling a satellite into orbit. The US government doesn’t like it when someone unannounced launches a missile or rocket of any kind in this hemisphere. So, since Max and Ben had been childhood friends, Colonel Buchannan had asked Max to go visit his friend and bring him back if at all possible. Depending on what he found, the US was ready to wipe out this colony if they found evidence of some kind of wrong doing by the people there. Max agreed to with the guarantee of one hundred thousand dollars as payment for this mission. While Max is ex-military, he’s now a truck driver with a wife, Talisha who is seven months pregnant!

As for Talisha, as pregnant as she is, she’s still working for the National Security Agency (NSA). She’s a hacker and quite good at her job. She is currently getting ready to commit a crime by inserting an illegal program into the NSA network that will hopefully find out what a program Spectrum is all about. Why she is doing this and for whom, I completely can’t figure out. She can get this done because she works or has access to the NSA SOC, Special Operations Center. Once she’s done with this “job”, she hopes to head by home to await the return of her husband Max. Only her “mission” doesn’t turn out the way she expected or desired. And there’s a strong possibility it will have a deadly impact on her and her pregnancy!

As for Max, his mission has also gone off the rails. The cosmic phenomenon called “Aeon” is destroying the Earth’s ozone layer and allowing strong unwanted radiation into to bathe the planet, especially in the souther hemisphere, exactly where Max is located. He finds out what his friend Ben is doing and needs to get back to his home before this part of the world becomes uninhabitable. The heat is already unbearable. Max can only think of his unborn child and his wife, Talisha. These may be his last thoughts since his mission has turned very, very deadly.

So, a very interesting thriller that hasn’t ended. The second book, “Aeon Burn” is now available on Amazon.

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