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4 Small Stars

This is a new author to me and a new book which they all are, but I didn’t know this one was a part of a series. “Nomads” isn’t my typical military science fiction book. No, it’s not military at all. It’s a story about two women, a Mother and Daughter, who are in Italy sight-seeing with the Daughter having enticed her Mother their for an hidden purpose. That purpose involved her Dad who was attending an emergency meeting called by Dr. Müller, a world-renowned astrophysicist. Dr. Ben Rollins was himself, aa astrophysicist working at the Harvard-Smithonian Center for Astrophysics. He, along with several other well-know astrophysicist, were listening to Dr. Müller tell them that he had found something heading towards Earth at an astronomical speed. He also said this object was a thousand times more massive than Earth’s own Sun! After boiling it down, what he was telling them was that Earth was heading for was going to be destroyed in the very near fuiture!

That’s a way to good start to any book! But, then we’re returned to the scene where Ben’s estranged Wife and his Daughter are touring a castle in Italy. The Daughter, Jessica Rollins, was very happy her Mother was with her in Italy since she thought it was an opportune time for her to arrange a meet-up with her Dad. She desperately wanted her parents back together again. Also, there was the problem that Jessica needed to hire a lawyer to keep from getting arrested in Italy and locked up for theft! Jessica figured her Mother had the means to hire the lawyer and get her back to America so she could continue on with her life.

Well, the Italian Police showed up at the Castello Ruspoli which was a huge castle high in the mountains of Italy. Their tour guide, Nico, was taking Jessica and her Mother, Celeste, along with a bunch of other tourist on a tour of the castle when Jessica heard about the police arriving. She didn’t want to be arrested so she snuck out a back entrance to the castle and promptly fell down a hill. When she awoke, she was in a bedroom in the castle and Baron Ruspoli was talking with her Mother. It seems that she was slightly injured during the fall and the Baron, owner of the castle and the estate upon which it sat, took her in to provide for her wellbeing. He had invited Jessica’s Mother and Jessica to stay at the castle until Jessica was fully recovered. Little did Jessica and her Mother realize that their stay at the castle would be almost forever!

While at the castle in Italy, Jessica had been trying to contact her Dad who was now in Rome, Italy not that far from Castello Ruspoli. She wanted them all to meet and since she was staying at this wonderful castle, she wanted her Dad to come join them. Unknown to her, Ben Rollins had been whisked away to Germany under strict secrecy. The next day, he was used as the spokes person for the European Space Operations Center to announce that the Earth had only a few months to exist!

Ok, so the rest of the story isn’t so much about the fact that Earth faces sudden destruction, but it’s more about Jessica’s exploits and her Father and Mother finally getting together! The story-line about Earth’s coming demise kind of takes a backseat to another story-line with a kidnapping. I got kind of tired of it about half way through the book. The book ends with a cliff-hanger, but I can’t tell if the Earth threatened demise is more important than Jessica’s continued existence? I kind of doubt that I’ll be reading the second book.

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