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4 Small Stars

As usual, this book starts off where “The Grail” leaves off.  Lisa Duncan has been shot and the aliens are starting to get organized to fight each other with humans in between.  Mike Turcotte and his small collection of very different people are trying to find a way to stop the coming war and prevent the annihilation of humanity.  He knows that neither side in the alien conflict give a rats a** about the humans that will be slaughtered or turned into nano virus driven zombies.

He must find two things:  1. Excaliber and 2. The second mother ship which has the Master Guardian Computer.  It’s believed that getting those to items together or working will prevent either Airlia side from controlling Earth.

Of course finding these two items isn’t going to be easy.  They are hidden in almost completely inaccessible places on Earth and several previous attempts to recover them have ended in the death of all involved.  Yet Turcotte cannot fail.  He also struggles with the idea that something has happened to Lisa Duncan which might change their relationship forever.

Additionally, we get a hint that nobody in this book is really who we think they are; not Mike, not Mualama, not Lisa Duncan.  So who are they?

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