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“Craing Dominion”


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Craing Dominion

If you remember the end of the previous book, Captain Jason Reynolds and some of his crew had gone down to Earth to try and terminate a number of satellites planted by the Caldurian Granger in his escape.  These satellites are set to change Earth into different time dimensions existing all over Earth.  He and his crew successfully destroyed all the satellites before they could have returned Earth permanently back 100 years into the past.  Now, with that problem solved, Captain Reynolds must now go after the Craing before they come and destroy Earth and its allies.

Earth has formed an Alliance with several other civilizations in this sector of the galaxy and together they hope to be able to stop the Craing Fleet.  In the meantime, Jason and his ship the Lilly along with his brother, Billy and the Her Majesty, will try to re-capture the Minian, a Caldurian ship that is incredibly advanced.

No while Jason is out running his plot, the Craing have sent a powerful Fleet into Alliance space that is systematically destroying Alliance planets and population!  And no one in the Alliance seems to know this is happening until they’ve already destroyed several planets.  This causes some panic in the Alliance and instead of gathering their forces, they individually start heading out to protect their own planets!  So much for the Alliance.

Admiral Reynolds, Jason’s Father, is in-charge of the Alliance but he doesn’t do anything but complain about all the Alliance ships leaving his Fleet.  Why he didn’t get everyone to gether and go out to confront the Craing is beyond me.

So, Jason is attempting to steal the Minian back while preventing the Caring from destroying his ship, the Lilly.  He has to steal the Minian while it is docked to the Emporer’s shipyards in the middle of the Caring Empire.

And as usual, there’s some added drama that has nothing to do with the main them.  Boomer, who is Jason’s original daughter, Milly, has to have a name change because there are now two Millie’s.  So Boomer, who is with Jason on his ship, gets herself in trouble while her protector is also injured and can’t help.  I would have preferred to have had Milly eliminated since she seems to serve no purpose to this whole story.

Ok, so does Jason succeed?  Read the book to find out.  As a little hint, the story doesn’t end here.  There is much more to come!


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