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“Time’s Adversary”


3 Small Stars
Time's Adversary

This book is a little strange; no a whole lot strange. I not sure where the author came up with this story-line, but he’s on a very fine edge with his religious readers. He covers a lot of religious beliefs and makes some strange assertions about what’s happening in that arena that some people might find offensive. I’m not against or for religion, but I am for keeping it out of science fiction books. I don’t think using religion makes for good science fiction no matter how you write it. I recommend readers who might be very religiously inclined be careful in reading this book.

We’ve got this guy dying back in our time. He’s been a very “successful” businessman, amassing a fortune in wealth and leaving his decedents pretty well off when he departs. Die he does, but, a few centuries later, he’s resurrected! His resurrection doesn’t come as some glorious world ending event, it’s done by a major corporation called Eyelight that’s wants the current Church of Sagacity destroyed.

The Church of Sagacity is founded on the belief in the one true God as described by most religions of Western Civilizations. The only thing is, Eyelight is founded on consumers spending every dollar they can on stuff that is produced by Eyelight. The Church of Sagacity encourages its followers to rid themselves of their materialistic ways and become followers of a more non-technical, un-linkedin life style. You see, Eyelight has invented and then mass produced a contact lens that is every advertiser’s dream. It puts the wearer continously linked to the world-wide-web and therefore is constantly blasting with users (consumers) of these contacts or special visors with advertisements and encoring them to buy. The more they buy, the more money and power becomes Eyelight, Inc. Eyelight, Inc. currently runs the world. Most every government is subject to Eyelight, Inc. whims wether they want to admit it or not.

But, the Church of Sagacity is causing Eyelight, Inc. to lose customers and that means lose money. So Eyelight has resurrected one, Vaughn Andrews, to wipeout the Church of Sagacity any way he can.

It is science fiction, but gets confusing sometimes. I’m not sure what’s the purpose of the story. I really read it only because I promised an author to read and review his book. It’s certainly not military science fiction which is what I like, but maybe, just maybe you might like this kind of science fiction. Won’t know until you read it.

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