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++++++++++++++++++++++++ THIS IS MY 1,000TH POSTED BOOK REVIEW! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

This is one of my favorite authors since he writes some pretty good military sci-fi usually with one main character being tough as nails and getting the mission done. This story is the start of a new series and I’m not exactly sure how it will turn out. It seems to be somewhat limited at first, but towards the end there is an unexpected development that will allow this series to continue in some unexpected ways. I think the book also might be geared for young adults rather than crusty old vets like me!

Are main characters are Cosmo Frost and Allura Presley. How names their kid “Cosmo” or “Allura”? They are both out of high school and looking to go to college on Triton. Their home planet is call Fiona Grand, which as you’ll have noticed is another strange name the author has come up with. Their planet has been invaded by a crustacean race called the Ma’Tis. They have mostly stayed in the oceans, but are known to be hostile and have come upon land at various times to destroy things. These creatures are like giant crabs with gigantic claws, six legs and shells that are almost impossible to penetrate. The Fiona Grand Army has had some success in preventing the Ma’Tis from advance much from the beaches, but it’s also due to the Ma’Tis not wanting to go much further than the beaches. Until now!

Cosmo and Allura are both heading to the space port to catch a shuttle up to their starship waiting to take them to Triton so they can begin their studies. Cosmo was going to the Brooking School for Business Studies while Allura, the brainy one, was on a full scholarship to Triton Technology Institute. That is they were on their way. While waiting for their shuttle, they heard an announcement that the Ma’Tis were massively moving out of the ocean. This appeared to be a full-scale invasion which had caught the Fiona Grand Army by surprise. Still, this didn’t seem to affect either Cosmo or Allura so they found their gate and were proceeding to board. That’s until they attempted to board their shuttle!

Cosmo’s boarding was stopped. An announcement had just been made by the planetary Prime Minister that Fiona Grand was immediately instituting a draft of all able-bodied males between eighteen and twenty-five. Cosmo couldn’t leave the planet! Of course, Allura was screaming that she was also staying, but after they talked things over for awhile and since she had to get through the departure gate soon, she eventually decided to go. Cosmo assured her he would find out what was going on and meet with her later on Triton.

Cosmo Frost had no intention whatsoever of joining the military. Yet, that could very well be a possibility. So he went back home and waited for his mother to return from work. When she saw him she was naturally shocked. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her son, then they both noticed an automated message waiting for them. It was for Cosmo. He had been drafted! It would take at least six months to get appeal his draft and by then he should be well on his way through Basic Training. So, he had no choice but to report as directed.

Cosmo isn’t the only one that’s going to support the war effort. Allura has gone on to Triton University, but she didn’t find it as appealing as she thought it would be given that Cosmo wasn’t there with her. So, she takes matters into her own hands and makes a decision that was surprising to everyone. Later, she’ll get to meet up with Cosmo but under very different circumstances. How different their lives will change is a shock to both of them. But, it’s going to get even stranger when Cosmo is “volunteered” to go on a highly classified mission that will take him very far from Fiona Grand. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to return.

So, that’s the gist of this story. Yeah, it’s about two young kids that think they have everything planned out for a nice easy life ahead. Then things change that they have no contol over. At least they didn’t totallyd rebel and create more problems for themselves. The story does continue in Book 2, “Havoc Squad”, which is only mentioned by the author at the back of this book. It is not available on Amazon even though the author said it should be available by May 2023. So it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what happens!

[Jim C. – As I shouted at the beginning, this is my 1,000th book review posted to my website, “Military Sci-fi Book Reviews”. It wasn’t the best book that I’ve ever read, but it was by an author that I like to read. So, I’m happy with the accomplishment which started way back in 2010. Of course, I’ve been reading science fiction since I was a young kid, but now at 73 years young, I can pick and choose what I read. One thing I’ve definitely learned is that you can’t tell what a book is about unless you read it first. I’ll continue to read these books and write my reviews. Next target is review 2,000. Why not?]

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