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“The Nelson Touch“


5 Small Stars
The Nelson Touch

The Ark Royal is the only human starship that the alien enemy can’t seem to destroy. And it is powerful enough to take on many alien carriers on it’s own as proven by it’s previous combat record. Now the Admiralty wants to send the Ark Royal and a coalition task force fleet to strike deep inside enemy territory. This seems to be a suicide mission since all the other foreign carriers in the fleet will be modern and apparently paper thin on armor. But, it’s felt that humanity must strike at an important alien nexus to show the aliens that it would be better to talk than fight. So far, the aliens haven’t attempted to communicate with the humans in any manner.

As if the space warfare wasn’t enough of a story, we also have the inside drama of the potential heir to the British throne disguised as a straighter pilot. He wants to “prove” himself so he’s changed his appearance and name. No one knows who he is except the Admiral, Capt Fitzwilliams, his XO and the CAG. All of them have been given explicit orders to make sure the Prince stays safe. This part of the story would only happen on a British ship and seems really unnecessary to the story.

The main story line is really good and I’m really happy that the next book is already out. Keep reading these books. They are great science fiction.

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