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“The Trafalgar Gambit”


5 Small Stars
Trafalgar Gambit

I can understand being in a bad spot but this is ridiculous! Earth has almost been destroyed while the Ark Royal was out on it’s last mission attacking a supposed important nexus in the aliens empire. The Ark Royal and it’s fleet did a good job but almost got wiped out and had to limp home hoping not to get attacked while on the way. They didn’t but they arrived back at Earth to find that the aliens had been there and nearly destroyed everything.

Now the Ark Royal is going out again. She is the only ship the Earth Defense Forces have that can survive a battle with an alien fleet. Everything else Earth has built has shown to be paper thin and gets destroyed very quickly. The Ark Royal needs to find a supposed “Peace” faction of the aliens that my desire to end this war before they are both destroyed although Earth appears to be just about done already.

So out on it’s next mission they go. Unfortunately, not everyone on Earth wants peace at any price. The Russians were brutally beaten at New Russia and lost not only their colony planet but most all of their space fleet. They are so badly short in space ships that they cannot provide a Russian ship for this new fleet but will send their scientist and a diplomatic corps to assist in peace talks if they happen.

In the meantime, good old Earth scientist have devised a deadly virus that they believe can infect the aliens and quickly wipe out their entire civilization in a matter of months. That’s one sure way to stop the war. But is it necessary? And we have some blackmail going on. The CAG has been compromised by video showing him and one of his subordinates enjoying each others company way, way too much. Both consenting adults know that what they have done is against military regulations and could result in their dishonorable discharges if the Admiral finds out. So, what do the blackmailers want of the CAG?

This is a great final story to the Ark Royal adventure. It is pure British with some Americans and Russians thrown in. Very exciting space action that never seems to stop. A lot of answers are given in this final story. A must read if you’ve finished the first two books.


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