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“Jubilee Year”


5 Small Stars
Jubilee Year


Very interesting book, but also a little difficult to understand. The setting is Australia and I’m not very familiar with that country or their vernacular. The author writes as though the reader should understand the Australian outback and to some extent, their military. Still the storyline is very chilling.

The Solar System as we know it, is going to be changing significantly very shortly. It has become impossible for “them” to hide the coming changes as they have done in the past. Already people were noticing subtle changes in the weather, the sky and even one, the behavior of animals. One of our main characters, Dr. Michael Boulos, a top notch astronomer, believes he knows what is going to happen, and now “they” are trying to kill him! We don’t ever find out who “them” and “they” really are.

In one part of this book, for some reason, the Australian government is rounding up everyone and putting them in camps. In fact, every government is doing the same thing and it makes no sense. It doesn’t make sense in the book either. What happens will happen whether all the people are rounded up and placed under government “control” or not. The fact is, no government on Earth or anything else can prevent what’s about to happen, and “they” know it! Read the book to see if you agree.

Lastly, I hate to say that this book has a great deal of editorial goofs. There are missing words, incomplete sentences, and bad continuity through the book. A much better editing job needs to be done on the next volume, please. These errors really detract from reading the otherwise good story.

I will read the next installment just to see if what I thing happens, does happen.

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