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“Return Fire”


Return Fire

It’s great reading a military science fiction book that is clearly written by an adult! Sorry, but the last book I read was really bad and this one is so, so much better! This, of course, is the third book in the series and it’s been very interesting up to this point and it’s going to be getting much more interesting.

Of course, this is a science fiction writers dream book since the main character is a former science fiction writer who also happened to have been a former Marine. Through some unusual circumstances, this science fiction writer found himself drafted back into the military while using some of his sci-fi imagination to deal with some new problems mainly involving aliens. Earth has suddenly found that they are certainly not alone in the universe and are in fact one of several civilizations occupying space in the universe. All is fine except for the one problem with the Tevynians. These are the most human looking aliens, but they are also the most aggressive and have been waging war against the other three alien races and now they have found Earth. It’s not hard to believe that the Tevynians will bring their war to Earth and very soon.

Still, Major Andy Clanton has been busy. He’s found himself in the lead position of a Delta Force having proven his combat skills in books 1 and 2. Now he’s come to the attention of the President of the United States since Andy was a Medal of Honor awardee from book 2. He was instrumental in capturing a Tevynian starship, but that starship has now been stolen by the Chinese with the help of the Russians. Part of the reason for this is that the United States has been keeping their relationship with the Heltans a secret and an exclusive association. The Heltans have had no problem giving the American some advance technology and science which has advanced the Americans to a great extent. Security isn’t on of those improved areas apparently!

So, Major Clanton and his Delta force is charged with getting the Tevynian starship back. He also believes that the Chinese and Russians are going to use this starship in negotiations with the Tevynians. So, that mission has to get done and then it’s back to another mission of a completely different nature.

Major Clanton and his troops are going to a significant conference of the Alliance. This Alliance is a group of aliens, Helta, Vironians and Chamblisi. Major Clanton is in charge of security, not something that will be easy to do, but he’s prepared or so he thinks. The problem is the Tevynians are too much like humans and have infiltrated the American contingent. But this is not the last of the American’s problems.

The purpose of the Alliance conference is got vote on whether to accept the Americans or humans into that Alliance. It might not go according to the Americans wishes and if it doesn’t, then they are going to have to defend Earth and the Solar System by themselves. Intelligence sources say that the Tevynians are preparing to attack the Solar System especially if the Alliance choses not to accept the Americans. With only one combat capable starship in service and one partially finished in the dry docks, the Americans are not ready for any kind of star wars! Yet, that’s exactly what happens.

Now Major Clanton finds he must fight a battle he’s not prepared to fight. There’s no way Earth can stand up to the Tevynians and then the Russians and Chinese begin internal terrorist attacks on American soil. As you can see, there are lots of problems going on and not a lot of solutions. Major Clanton gets captured by the Tevynians and sees his beautiful fiancee’s starship explode in front of him. Not what you want to see at the end of an exciting book. You’re definitely going to have to read this one to the end!

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