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“Wholesale Slaughter”


5 Small Stars
Whoesale Slaughter

A new series by a writer that’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. This book is part of a three book set, but I’m going to review them separately since there is a lot going on. I’m also heavily into Mr. Partlow’s “Drop Troopers” series so he’s doing some great writing lately.

This book is the start of the series so it has a lot of scene setting. Our main character is Logan Conner, a Mech driver in the in the Spartan Guard. The Spartan Guard served the Guardian of Sparta or Lord Guardian as the man was called. That man also happened to be Logan Conner’s father, Jaimie Brannigan. As Logan was the eldest of two sons, he was apparently next in line to become Lord Guardian, but he hoped that would be a long time from now. Right now, he was more concerned in fighting these ever present pirates that kept attacking helpless colonies or starships trying to do Guardian business. He and Captain Lyta Randall, his immediate boss, were always trying to stop the latest incursion, but the never seemed to stop. Logan was of the opinion that not enough was being done to eradicate these pirates and he was partly right.

All of that was today’s problems until he got a strange call from his brother to come to the observatory. Logan did so and found out that everything he thought he was going to do in the immediate future was going to change. Logan had made every attempt to stay out of the limelight now that he was in the military. He wanted to make his own record and not have to rely on just his name as the son of the Lord Guardian. But, with what his brother, the smart one and a scientist, had found, he had to bring that information to his father immediately. That news was so important, that a special mission was created that night to go and find the source of the radio intercept his brother had stumbled upon; a message that was some four-hundred years old!

Since this mission was of such importance to the entire Spartan Empire, Logan had to be the leader. He was unknown to most people outside the royal palace because of his low profile image, but this discovery had to be done by someone of the royal family. Yet, this mission isn’t going to be like any other he’s been on. For one, they can’t let on as to who they are and secondly, it is going to cross into at least two sworn enemy territories before they reach the Terminus Cut. That place could change the entire balance of power in this galaxy. There were rumors and evidence that a long time ago, an empire existed that was vastly more advanced than anyone today. Terminus Cut was sending out a message that basically said, if you want that advanced technology, this is the place to come.

A very good read and it’s great that I can continue on with this series in the same book. I usually don’t do that, but these stories are so interesting that they are hard to put down. So on to book 2, “Terminus Cut”.

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