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“The Battle at the Moons of Hell”


4 Small Stars
The Battle at the Moons of Hell

This was a really, really good military science fiction book. Just the kind I like to read. The characters are pretty well described and the action is likewise. It does get intense during the latter part of the book where the real space battle takes place. Some of the details might be too detailed but I thought this made the book that much better. I’m looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

If you like a book to have a conclusion but still have more to come in the series, this will fit that requirement. While this battle ended successfully for the main character(s), there is still much to be done.

Excellent military science fiction reading. Has good character building although I wasn’t sure at first if the main character, Michael Helfort, was going to do anything special. You follow him through a short time a the space academy as a cadet and then to his first assignment.

The story develops the situation within the galaxy where two dominant civilizations are either just finishing a war or getting ready for the next. The Federation, which is Helfort’s side, just won a hard fought war with the Hammer of Kraa worlds but just barely. Neither civilization won out-right so they are just messing with each other waiting for the next incident to start another war.

I was pleased to know that this is a four book series but the read should know that the story doesn’t end at book 4. Apparently book 5 is going to be done sometime in November 2011. I hope so!


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