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5 Small Stars

The author has a very good way of getting you really wrapped up on this story. I don’t normally go in for stories about high school kids but this is the second book in this series so I guess I liked what I was reading. Of course these aren’t ordinary high school kids especially after finding an alien ship. Yeah, that’s what this book is about.

These three high school kids find an alien ship in the first book and star exploring it as would any curious bunch of teens. They start messing with some of the equipment and it starts messing with them in sort of a good way. I’m kind of surprised that these kids are able to handle the changes that the ship makes to them while also going through normal adolescent changes.
i think their attempt to win the national science fair was a little unusual in that they really didn’t need the notoriety that would have brought. The way the story turned out, they got more notoriety than they bargained for which should have caused them to slow down a little. But they didn’t or it would have been a dull story.

For some reason, one of the female kids decides she’s had enough of being a good girl and ups and runs away from home. She goes to Las Vegas and begins hacking into a Columbian drug lords bank accounts moving money into a Swiss account she has somehow setup. Remember, this is a teenager that doesn’t have a driver’s license yet! Why she does this is a mystery because there certainly wasn’t anything in the story that caused her to “turn bad” and run away to Las Vegas. It’s never explained why she need so much money or what she was supposed to do with it after she got it. Still, it did lead to further dangerous developments in the story.

I liked what I read. The author does get you pretty excited when talking about the mind(s) of a professional killer and the some what sicko mind of another kid that gets tortured by Dr. Stephenson!

Unfortunately, I think this ends the series. I would look forward to reading other books by this author.

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