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“Amped (The WIRED Sequel)”


5 Small Stars

When I first started reading this I wasn’t too sure it was my type of book. It kind of reads like a murder mystery or some kind of Detective novel. I did see the sci-fi connection but I still read on because the writing was so very good. I’ve been reading some very, very poorly written books lately but this one was a pleasure to read. When the words flow as they should, you can read very fast and still understand the authors story. I really love books that are written this way.

Now back to the story. It is exciting all the way through. Just when you think you’ve got stuff figured out, the story changes and throws something else at you to think about. And I don’t mind trying to wrap my brain around some pretty far-thinking technical stuff. It’s good for us to have to push our brains to think about new ideas once in awhile. Besides, if the author is going to set one of his main characters up as a super genius, he better come up with some pretty fantastic advanced thinking. This book pretty much delivers on that. It also shows how even our most desired medical advances could cause more harm than good if we’re not ready for them.

I certainly look forward to the follow up book but this one closed out pretty well. Unfortunately, when everything seems to be perfect, chaos is just not in your direct sight. It’s there and should come back with a vengeance in the second book.

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