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“Mind’s Eye”


5 Small Stars
Mind's Eye

I like military science fiction but once in a great while I latch on to a slightly different genre like techno thrillers, but only if they are very, very good!

This book is very, very good.  I’ve missed a lot of sleep reading this book.  Last night I was up until past 1 am trying to finish it because I just couldn’t put it down.  I’m a gadget geek so when I read about a PDA telling some guy his next appointment is coming up or that your house is secured for the night, that’s gets my interest up.  And I didn’t know there was a nation-wide 6G wireless system; did you?

Well, maybe this stuff comes  a little later down the road but this guy Nick Hall has some pretty interesting experiences to share with his readers.  If you woke up in a dumpster one day, you’d know there had to be a pretty interesting experience behind it, right.  Nick starts running for his life and he doesn’t know why.  Someone wants him dead but that’s about all he knows, except of course he can now surf the web by just thinking of stuff he’s interested in.

Yeah, that sounds pretty neat but how many of you sit around in front of your computers wishing you weren’t waisting your time on the internet.  Now imagine that you could just think about stuff and you’d be surfing the internet anytime / any where you wanted.  Some of us wouldn’t ever come back to reality.  That’s scary.  Well, Nick Hall has to face his reality and he’s also found out that he has another hidden talent that, you guessed it, will get him killed very quickly by the bad guys and the good guys.

This is a very good book.  You should read it but be warned, you will spend a lot of time with staring at your ebook reader when you do.  Please have the courage to quit, eat and drink something once in a while.  The book will still be there.  Or you can wait a few years (?) and may be just think about the book and read it with your mind’s eye!!!! –


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