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“Blackout Invasion”


4 Small Stars
Blackout Invasion

Well, first off this is a young adult book, very young adult, probably for kids barely in their teens. It’s an action-packed story about a 17 year old kid on a very strange planet, although he doesn’t know that. I don’t usually read young adult books, but this got on my list so I did finish it. Most of the way through, I was wondering when ZIP, BOOM or BAAM!! would show up during some of the fights. The writing was pretty childish in places and just too perfect to happen the way it did, but that’s the authors writing, not mine. Oh, and another thing. This is supposed to be 5 books in one, but I couldn’t distinguish one book from another. This book has 90 Chapters and that’s all it breaks down to with each chapter showing a specific date. If this was five entire books, those books had to be mighty short!

Chandler Vail is a 17 year old kid looking to go into the military as soon as he can pass all the test. Meanwhile, he’s in college or university taking courses that are required for the military. Chandler isn’t the strongest guy in the housing development where he lives and that’s part of his problem. He can’t seem to pass the strength test for his military entrance exam and has failed three times.

Chandler is or was an orphan. He and about five babies like him were actually kidnapped from an orphan age about 17 years ago just before the orphanage was totally destroyed. He was eventually adopted by a couple who had lost a baby at birth, but he did have an older brother, Cleo, who had already joined the military. Chandler lives on Earth, but it’s a very different Earth since nuclear war had devastated most of the world. Now people were more concerned with protecting their cities agains marauding nomads that lived in the Hinterlands. The New American Security Forces (NASF) was what protected the city of Heim and that’s what Chandler needed to be apart of like his older brother.

You’ll find that Chandler is just now starting to become something different. He’s actually one of five remaining Destiny Stone Children (DSC). What that means to Chandler and the other four children you’ll meet is something that will change all their lives and the lives of everyone on Earth, if they were actually one Earth!

Again, this is a kids book so if you read it prepare to easily figure out what’s going to happen in the next chapter. it’s pretty obvious that every thing that should go their way does exactly that. It’s not too shocking when the kids win at everything.

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