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“Destroy the Planet”


Destroy the Planet

Well, I wasn’t even going to do a review of this “prequel” because I don’t like prequels. They don’t seem to add anything to a real book and are usually very short. This one is very, very short. I read it in about an hour! Unfortunately, I didn’t know it was a prequel or I probably wouldn’t have read it at all. There are two books that come after the prequel and I’ll admit that I did read the first book, “The Dead Planet”, last night. I’m not sure if I’ll read the second book, “The Contested Planet”, although I’ve already pre-order it.

The problem with this kind of writing, in my humble opinion, is that you get the reader ready for some exciting adventure and then, “The End”. That’s really disappointing. Oh, you can tell something of a story, but it’s only a small part and the characters are just there and gone. None of the characters in this prequel appear in the following two books.

So what’s this prequel about. Well, Earth is attacked by aliens who want us for food. We, the President of the United Countries has decided that he won’t let that happen. He tells his General to launch all the worlds nuclear missiles. The General does and the Earth is destroyed along with the attacking aliens. End of story. So now you don’t have to read this prequel. It probably took you just as long to read this review as it would the prequel. I don’t like prequels.

Oh, the author is pretty good at writing science fiction, but I wish he’d write a real book and not these short stories.

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