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3 Small Stars

I almost didn’t write this review. I am or was a big fan of Jonathan P. Brazee and his very interesting United Federation Marine Corps books. Those are well written and very interesting military science fiction. I don’t know who Lawrence M. The scan is and the problem won’t be reading much of his writing if this is an example. The two writers together managed to put together a really horrible ebook.

If anyone is remotely familiar with “The Day of the Triffids” then they will know all about this book. That book and the movie it produced were classics, horrible, but classics. This book won’t every fall in that category.

The story goes that some disgraced Marine Corps General was retired or exiled to this agricultural planet. It has nothing on it but food crops. Everything is automated so there’s not much need for even a human to be around, but that’s where this guy lives with his adopted dog. He talks to his ag AI all day and the ag AI tells him everything is running just fine. Crops that are ready for harvest, get harvested, shuttled to the planet’s rail launch system and shot through a warp-gate back to somewhere around Mars. Again, I’m not sure why the retired General is even here.

Then some of the plants start attacking his crops. Soon, all his crops and all the crops on the planet are being attacked. The General has to fight back and when he does, he obviously attracts the attention of these hostile plants. The hostile plants aren’t very hardy, but when they grab hold of something, they can usually absorb it until whatever it is disintegrating. Anyway, the General fights his way over to the planet’s launch complex only to find out that it too has been attacked and there’s only one lonely female still trying to keep things operating. He teams up with her which was a mistake, since she’s gone off the deep-end seeing so many of her fellow workers killed by these plants.

You eventually get to meet the alien plant entity who’s orbiting this planet trying to figure out why it’s been infected by something he’s not familiar with. He’s the one who sent is own plants down to cleanse the planet once again so he can plant his own crops. He’s not very bright nor is he much of an enemy and the General would have found that out if it wasn’t for the stupid female.

Ok, you can read this if you want. I’ve had enough. Why in the world Mr. Brazee got tied into this series, and yeah, it appears to be a series, is beyond me. I think the whole story is pretty stupid. Of course, that’s my opinion and you certainly don’t have to like it.

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